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Available Humboldt flavors

Mimosa Live Resin Vape(sativa)

OG Kush Live Resin Vape(indica)

Eagle scout train wreck Live Resin Vape (Hybrid)

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About Humboldt farms cartridge

Humboldt farms cartridge is California’s leading and trusted source for quality cannabis. We are committed to nurturing the body and soul and inspiring the mind by providing the world’s best sun- and greenhouse-grown flowers and highest quality Cannabis products from the wild and beautiful, Humboldt County, California.

At Humboldt Farms, we believe in the principle of Choosing Kindly — for ourselves, our communities, and our shared Earth. We aim to restore the health of the planet, to deepen the connection between us and the natural world, to cultivate meaningful relationships, and to expand the human experience.

Like its bubbly namesake, this vibrant varietal of Clementine and Purple Punch adds a citrusy splash to your day. With a huge nose and incredible flavor, it’s one of our new favorites! Popular for elevating mood and focused energy.

Our full-spectrum high terpene extract vaporizer cartridges are made from premium Humboldt-grown cannabis, flash-frozen immediately after harvest to preserve the integrity, flavor, and terpene profiles of each strain for an unrivaled experience. No added distillate. Compatible with USB Universal Battery.

Humboldt Farms is a cannabis company based in Arcata, California, and started in 2017. They produce flowers, pre-rolls, carts, and live resin. They offer top-shelf quality products and also openly endorse a variety of charities.

Following the devastating North Bay fires, they have focused their charity efforts around wildfire relief efforts. In this review, we’ll be checking out their strawberry sherbet cartridge and seeing if they’re more than just a well-crafted PR front. Their products are available all over the Bay Area, LA Area, and in much of NorCal.

Pros of Humboldt farms cartridge

  • The fantastic flavor from the first hit to the last
  • Long-lasting high
  • Thick oil that drains slowly


  • Lab testing resources could be more prominently displayed


The only major critique I have for Humboldt Farms is that in the current time with all the concerns over cartridge purity they should more prominently display their batch testing and resources to cross-check it yourself.


In closing on this Humboldt Farms cart review

I would highly recommend this cart to all users, I have no major critiques for it and it sells for a competitive price. Especially for those who have a liking for tongue pleasing flavors in their vape, this is an excellent choice.

If you would like to read more about Humboldt Farms you can do so at their website here. Want to get one of their carts for yourself? You can do that here.

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