MuhaMeds are richly blended carts with rich flavours and THC of 98%. Muhameds are available & affordable for both medical and recreational use in 500mg and 100mg.

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Made with ceramic heating elements for greater heat control, our cartridges produce a flavorful, smooth vapor for a quality experience. Muha meds cartridges work best with the Muhameds vape battery, but are compatible with any 510 threaded battery within a 3.2v-3.7v voltage range. The Muhameds vape battery is fully charged in 3-4 hours. Unique strains guarantee unmatched flavors and a consistent experience, every time

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Agent Oragne, Blue Dream, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Berry, Cherry Limeade, Cherry Pie, Fire OG, Forbidden Fruit, Gods Gift, Green Crack, Green Crak Mini, Ice Cream Cookies, La Confidential, Maui Wowie, Nola Hurricane, Northern Lights, Orange Cookies, Pina Colada, Pineapple Express, SFV, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Shortcake, Sunday Driver, Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mints, Train Wreck, Watermelon, Wedding Cake, Wifi OG, Mega Flavor Mix Pack, Mega Flavor Mix Pack Plus, Mega Flavor Mix Pack++


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